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RAG sponsors the duel match vs machine RAG is an international industrial group with more than 98.000 employees worldwide, based in Essen, Germany.

RAG is the exclusive sponsor of WCC Man vs Machine 2006

DGT Projects
DGT Projects Manufacturer of high quality Chess Products as:
  • Digital Chess Clock
  • Electronic Chess Board and
  • Tournament Broadcasting Software

Dannemann Welcome to the circle of connoisseurs.

Dannemann - a brand with tradition.

A philosophy of quality and supreme smoing pleasure.

WCC Brissago 2004
Dannemann World Chess Championship website The World Chess Championship Kramnik - Leko was played from September 25th to October 18th, 2004.

Vladimir Kramnik defended his title over 14 games with classical time limits against the Hungarian grandmaster and challenger Peter Leko.

WCC Elista 2006
Kramnik-Topalov, Elista 2006 The World Chess Championship Kramnik - Topalov was played from September 21th to October 13th, 2006.

Vladimir Kramnik defended his title over 12 regular games plus 4 tiebreak games.

Latin Chess Club on ICC The number 1 chess page in Spanish.

The latin club on ICC

ChessBase Official site of the german company Chessbase.

Manufacturers of high quality chess software

Updated daily news

Association of Chess Professionals
ACP - Association of Chess Professionals The official website of the Association of Chess Professionals.

NAO Chess Club
NAO Chess Club
The website of Kramnik's French team, the important Parisian NAO Chess Club.

Frankfurt Chess Tigers
Chess Tigers Chess Club
The Website of Vladimir's German Chess Club, who also organise the great Mainz Chess Classic tournament.

The Week In Chess
TWIC - The Week In Chess Hosting the TWIC magazine. One of the best links on the net for chess news.

New In Chess
New In Chess magazine One of the best chess magazines in the world.

Chess Informant
Sahovsky Chess Informant The official website of the famous Chess Informant publication.

Imaginative Pencil
Imaginative Pencil 12 unique drawings about the game of chess featuring award-winning artist Justin Michael Jenkins as framed art prints at affordable prices!

World Chess Network
World Chess Network Designed for players from novice to Grandmaster.