Kramnik's choice

DGT and Vladimir Kramnik are a natural match.

The world strongest chess player has endorsed the high-quality chess equipment of DGT Projects as his personal choice.

You can select three products in the Kramnik’s Choice line:

  • Great digital clock
  • Complete box with all you need to play chess
  • The revolutionary DGT Wireless e-board
Kramnik's choice: DGT Easy + An easy-to-use clock with loads of features to add excitement to your games.
The DGT Easy+ combines simplicity and elegance. Kramnik's choice: the Kramnik Box A splendid combination of the DGT Easy+ clock, an inlaid wood chessboard, and a set of fine handmade chess pieces.

As a bonus, you receive a CD with 100 of the World Champion’s selected games. Kramnik's choice: the Wireless DGT E-Board The World Champion selected the Rosewood/Maple board and Royal chess pieces. DGT has added wireless technology and a DGT XL clock.

The DGT e-board is a perfect tool for computer-assisted analysis, Internet games, and playing against the strongest computer programs.

Our wireless model lets you move around without the restriction of a USB cable. New!
DGT Bluetooth Wireless
Play anywhere you like without PC proximity
Release in the summer of 2007

Kramnik's choice products are available at DGT dealers in over 60 countries.
For more information on the Kramnik's choice products, please visit:

Kramnik's Choice